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What does Spatial Acoustics imaging for headphones sound like?



Traditional stereo audio played through headphones sounds like it’s inside the listeners head. Spatial Acoustics moves the entire audio image back outside the listeners head, immersing the listener in the environment. This expands the listening environment to include sounds from any direction, from up close in front, to distant and even inside ones head. Spatial Acoustics corrects the placement of sounds as part of the process. This creates depth, generates space and builds immersive environments that surround the listener. This doesn’t just surround the listener, it engulfs them, because sounds come from above and below. This is true 3D audio on headphones, just like how we hear the world normally, with our own two ears. At Spatial Acoustics we weren’t satisfied with merely recreating reality. We set the bar higher. We utilize the unique sonic capabilities that only headphones can produce and create an audio image that reproduces the way we experience the world, not merely hear it.
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