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A fresh new approach to an age-old problem.

Here at Spatial Acoustics studios we create powerfully immersive 3D first-person audio experiences for headphones.

In a world where most audio is created with the intent for speakers and coupled with the projection that within the next three years 80% of all audio listening will be through mobile devices. We see an incredible gap and enormous opportunity to enhance and create a tailored experience for all headphone listeners. Spatial Acoustics has developed a pioneering solution for delivering perfectly placed audio and immersive environments optimized for headphones.

We are not satisfied with the status quo. Listeners are all too often presented with audio intended for speakers, when they are actually using mobile devices. We care more about our listeners. The technology is here, easily accessible and the time is right to start presenting audiences with audio tailored and optimized appropriately for headphone listening.

Spatial Acoustics was founded in 2011 by Josh Richman.

Spatial Acoustics is an amalgam of converging expertise including: user experience, human factors, industrial design research & strategy, software development, information technologies, music composition, creation, production, recording and performance, audio architecture, and sound design.


  • 3D audio imaging for headphones
  • 3D audio capture & recording services
  • Movies, Music & Gaming audio processing
  • Architectural acoustic design research
  • 3D audio consulting


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