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Personal 3D audio is here.

Be enveloped by the sound. Experience immersive perfectly placed audio on headphones with 3D audio for headphones by Spatial Acoustics.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience exploring expeditions in far off dangerous places or what it is like to be a classical virtuoso performing on stage? The possibilities are endless. Spatial Acoustics can take you there sonically.

Spatial Acoustics:
  • Delivers first-person perspective audio
  • Extends beyond stereo, beyond surround
  • Utilizes the unique sonic capabilities that only headphones can produce
  • Presents an audio image that reproduces the way we experience the world, not merely hear it
  • Creates depth, generates space and builds immersive environments that surround the listener
  • Uses existing technology – hardware and headphones
  • Runs with zero performance impact



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